Quality Assurance Criteria for Used Smartphones by Seline Mobiles Nigeria Limited.

1. Crosscheck the IMEI number to determine if the used phone is a stolen one or has been blacklisted.

2. Download a benchmarking or hardware identification app like CPU-Z to verify the underlying hardware.

3. Find and review official spec sheets from handset manufacturers online to double-check against the phone on hand.

4. Have a dig through the operating system and a few apps to ensure everything works well.

5. Confirm that the phone is charging properly by testing the charging system.

6. Test the Internet browsing system.

7. Confirm that the phone makes and receives calls.

8. If the phone is a trade-in, get the purchase receipt and confirm it with the Company that sold it originally.

9. Encourage our customers to check our phones in person before parting with any money.

10. Provide three references to enable each customer to check out our pedigree before transacting with us.


Quality Control Assessment Criteria on foreign-used Laptops

1. Check country of import – Canada, Germany, and the U.S. are the best countries to import used laptops from.

2. Check if it is AMD version – the weather is not conducive for this. It heats up very easily.

3. Check the neatness of the laptop. It could be a pointer to duration and carefulness or otherwise of usage.

4. Systems with broken screens are a safe berth because you can almost guess right that the laptop was sold or discarded overseas because of the broken screen.

5. Confirm the correctness of the RAM, Memory, and processor.

6. Confirm that the battery is efficient.